WestPark: Request for Proposals for Retrofitting WestPark With Smart Building Technology

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Issued by WestPark Associates NY, LLP
900 Route 9 North, Suite 400, Woodbridge, NJ 07095

DATE OF ISSUANCE: July 7, 2020

LETTER INDICATING INTENTION TO BID: Due by 5 pm Eastern July 27, 2020

CAMPUS TOURS: Week of August 4, 2020

SUBMISSION OF QUESTIONS: Due by 2 pm Eastern, SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS: Due by 5 pm Eastern, OCTOBER 23, 2020 


A. Letters indicating intention to bid will be due by 5 pm Eastern on July 27, 2020, and should be emailed to: william.cuddy@cbre.com and Jacqueline.Novotny@cbre.com. Requests for a campus tour must be made by July 28, 2020 to: william.cuddy@cbre.com and Jacqueline.Novotny@cbre.com. Questions should be submitted by 2 pm Eastern on August 11, 2020 to william.cuddy@cbre.com and Jacqueline.Novotny@cbre.com. Answers will be published within a week at www.westparkny.com.

B. Proposals shall contain all required attachments and information and be submitted no later than 5 pm Eastern on October 23, 2020.

  1. The title sheet will have the title “Proposal for Retrofitting WestPark Associates NY, LLP (“WestPark”) with Smart Building Technology” and the due date, as well as the Proposer’s name and address.
  2. Each proposal shall be signed and dated by an authorized representative of the Proposer.

C. A copy of the Proposal should be emailed to the attention of william.cuddy@cbre.com and Jacqueline.Novotny@cbre.com no later than 5 pm Eastern, September 9, 2020. Proposals received after the designated time and date will not be considered.

D. WestPark will not be liable for any costs incurred by the Proposer in the preparation and evaluation of Proposals submitted, nor shall WestPark be responsible for any errors in Proposals.

E. If a Proposer is selected for a Contract with WestPark, the subsequent Contract will include insurance requirements:General Liability $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 in general aggregate;
Workers Comp $1,000,000 and Professional Liability of $1,000,000;
Auto Liability $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 in general aggregate;
Excess Liability of $10,000,000 each occurrence.Such liability policy/policies (except Workers’ Compensation) shall be endorsed to include WestPark Associates NY, LLP and its appointed officials, officers, agents, and employees as additional insureds, for full policy limits. An insurance certificate and additional insured endorsements will be required prior to signature of the Contract by WestPark.

F. The Proposer shall submit a current and completed W-9 form.

G. If requested, the Proposer shall submit prior to the award of a Contract, proof of adequate financial resources available to carry out the execution and completion of work required by the Contract. No estimates will be accepted from or the Contract awarded to any entity that is in arrears or in default.

H. Estimates furnished in the Proposal shall cover the furnishing of all necessary materials and labor required to carry out the performance for all the work proposed. A breakdown of costs will be required.

I. Proposer will list all professionals assigned to the project and their hourly billing rates and bios.

J. Proposer will list all current certifications from state and local authorities, and professional organizations. A list and copies of all Professional and [NYS] [state] Certifications attained e.g. CEM, RESNET, AEE, ASHRAE, HPBD, and the like;

K. Respondents may propose on some or all of the deliverables, and may submit individually or as part of team.

L. Additionally, all proposals must include the following:

  1. A description of the proposing company’s background and services provided;
  2. Description of proposer’s approach to the project requirements;
  3. A detailed scope of work of all expected activities during the different stages of the project to demonstrate an understanding of the Integrated Smart Building Management System Design Services and requirements;
  4. Specifics about the technology to be used for each category of deliverables;
  5. Description of proposed process for determining performance, and energy- and cost-savings;
  6. Specific examples of how the Proposer’s technology has been or is being used currently for each of the categories it is proposing on;
  7. A list of any special requirements;
  8. Floor plans and schematic diagrams indicating the distribution of the proposed systems, and schematic specifications for each system proposed;
  9. Diagrams initiating the network requirements;
  10. Proposed cost breakdowns: equipment, installation, maintenance, professional services (e.g. engineering, landscape architecture, technicians, programmers, etc.), including estimated hours and hourly rates of all those working on the project;
  11. Proposed timetable for each stage of the project;
  12. Three references for projects of similar size and scope (name, contact information, brief description of project);
  13. A staffing plan, the details of which should include the current workload, including a list of current projects highlighting how those projects handled specifically by the proposed staff and the status. It should also include proposed working arrangement for this project, including Legal / Registration Status, proposed sub-consultants, etc.;
  14. Financial feasibility that includes a fee proposal chart for each stage of the project;
  15. Systematic process for determining performance and cost savings.

M. Prior to the award of a Contract, the Proposer must provide a criminal background disclosure that includes all personnel actively working on this project, including consultants, contractors, licensees and their principals, sub-contractors, agents, employees or any other person acting on behalf of said Contractor, Consultant, Licensee or Lessee.

N. In the Proposal, the Proposer shall state that it will refrain from discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law, in all activities related to work performed under the Contract, and that it shall take active steps to ensure that all activity related to the Contract is conducted without discrimination or harassment on these bases by all employees and representatives.

O. Evaluation Criteria: Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee of Proposal Evaluators. The process for choosing projects will include evaluation of the narrative and accompanying documents. The selection will be made based on experience, capabilities, team qualifications, price, approach, product viability, financial stability, and proposed timetable.

P. The Proposal shall remain in effect for 120 days after the Proposal due date, unless extended by Contract.

Q. Proposers may be interviewed prior to the final decision. If selected, the Proposer will be required to obtain all permits, approvals, and requisite documents necessary from government entities having jurisdiction over this project.

R. WestPark Associates NY, LLC reserves the right to select multiple contractors, and reject any or all bids.

WestPark Associates NY, LLP seeks to contract services for retrofitting two beautifully designed, Class-A trophy headquarters office buildings on their 25-acre leafy campus in White Plains, New York. Constructed in 1984. The buildings comprise approximately 370,000 square feet in total, are LEED Gold certified, and contain beautifully designed workspaces, featuring an abundance of natural light, glass-enclosed private breakout spaces, wood and polished metal finishes, and contemporary hardware throughout. Designed in the 20th century Modernist style, the buildings have a curved steel and glass infrastructure, ample outdoor and indoor parking, gardens and walking trails.

The object of the retrofit is for the buildings and campus to meet 21st century demands in terms of sustainability, energy conservation, health and wellness, security, and workforce attraction – to become among America’s first smart-office campuses – a place where innovation will thrive. The campus has fiber broadband and can be wired for 5g connectivity.

WestPark is located at 1111 and 1129 Westchester Avenue, just above the I-287 cross-Westchester corridor connecting New York State and Connecticut. The campus currently serves as the temporary global headquarters for a major multinational corporation.

As Westchester’s biotech and tech sectors continue to blossom, the opportunity to develop WestPark as the linchpin of an “Innovation Corridor” along I-287 that will attract companies in New York City’s burgeoning tech and financial sectors, as well as others nationally, is very real. To that end, WestPark Associates wishes to broaden the vision beyond creating a world-class “smart campus” to encouraging the development of the use of autonomous transportation, which will play into the notion of the county’s first “Innovation Corridor.” And with the advent of Covid-19 and major companies rethinking their desire to headquarter in large cities, WestPark is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of our times.

Accordingly, this Request for Proposals is in two parts:

Part A, which specifically relates to the WestPark smart campus to serve as a hub of connectivity for a global workforce, and solidifying WestPark as among the nation’s first smart corporate office campuses, one that rivals some of the most technically-advanced buildings in the world; and

Part B, which connects the campus to a future smart-transportation corridor (along I-287), connecting the White Plains multimodal, transportation center and Metro-North RR train stations. The ultimate objective is to solidify the WestPark campus as the lynchpin of Westchester County’s efforts to create a home for companies seeking to relocate here because of the space, environmental quality, affordability, security, abundant lifestyle amenities, and close proximity to New York City and global transportation. The effect will be to retain and expand the county’s young professional workforce, invigorate and stimulate flexible ways of doing business, and encourage more research and development.

We want next-level technology, including AI and IoT data retrieval systems that ensure cost-effectiveness, and new ways of creating a hub of connectivity for the global workforce, in the following categories:

  1. Energy and Environment:
        Indoor Air Quality
        HVAC systems (including pathogen prevention)
        Metering (water, electricity, heat)
        Power Generation
        Green Design (beyond what exists on the campus now)
  1. Next-Level Security Systems
  1. Next Level Building Maintenance
  2. Transportation/Parking
        Drone Delivery (internal; external)
        Intelligent Parking
        Traffic control
  1. Employee Experience
        Amenities & Mobility (including dining)
        Building services
  1. Health & Wellness
        Life safety and first aid
        Physical wellness
        Entrance areas

Because of WestPark’s unique suburban location, there is some distance between rail lines (an 8-minute drive), other office parks, restaurants, shops, lifestyle amenities, hotels, and housing. Having seamless and efficient mobility options will increase the campus’s smart connectivity within the community. WestPark will work collaboratively with the New York State and Westchester County to expand the corridor in phases from a neighborhood loop for autonomous vehicles to corridor connections between rail lines and towns/local cities.

Proposers shall provide:

  1. Location assessment [i.e. What’s the physical range that’s practical and doable by 2025 and 2030 respectively?]
  2. Details:
        Performance measures
        Safety features
        Street mapping and technology requirements
        Pick up/Drop off
        Vehicle summoning capabilities
        Charging station requirements


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